Thursday, 4 February 2010

Can anyone tell me what "luxury" means?

I've just had a hotel-room coffee and the lid of the little pot of milk proclaims this is no ordinary's a luxury creamer!

And the other day in Marks and Sparks in Kensington I saw this poster - it's not just a cotton shirt that the Prince William-alike is's a luxury pure cotton shirt - obviously!

The point being that "luxury" as an adjective seems to have totally lost its meaning and this is true in travel too.

What does luxury mean to you when you go on holiday? Gold taps? Sunken bath? Egyptian frette cotton sheets?

For me, luxury is no mobile phone signal, no one else (except my holiday partner) on the beach, white sand in either direction and a warm, gentle sea lapping in front. Maybe the coast of Mozambique or NE Brazil. Certainly no plasma TV or DVD player. And definitely no overpriced mini bar with "luxury" creamer on the shelf.