Monday, 1 February 2010

Flat Whites everywhere

It's interesting that the Aussie/Kiwi-led independent coffee shops in London have got the big boys so rattled that the chains are fighting back with flat whites.

Has anyone actually been to Costa and had one of these? Apparently Starbucks are doing them too in some central London shops.

I can't believe they can seriously reproduce a superior flat what in great numbers, and you're certainly not going to close you eyes and think you could be back in Melbourne, like in Lantana.

Anyway, my favourites places for fantastic coffee in London, in no particular order:

Flat White
Nude Espresso
Fernandez & Wells
Vide e Caffe
Taylor St Baristas
Tina We Salute You
Taste of Bitter Love
Gwilym Davies' coffee cart

All these seem to be central or east - any other great ones I should know about in the north, west and south? (Don't say Tinderbox on Upper St - their coffee is only just above average and rather inconsistent, and their customer service is patchy to say the least).